Top 6 artists: We're betting on!

When it comes to music there's no denying who's up next and who's still got work to do. As much as we love to cheer for the underdog and watch the growth of a musician from the ground up, there are a few artists we know the world is ready to hear.

Here are 6 artists we're ready to bet our whole stack on!


If you've been a fan of Fugitive Club, then you know we're ready to risk it all and place all our bets on 5an!

Besides displaying superior talent in the rap genre, 5an has proven she can master any genre from Alternative to hyper-pop and more.

5an's creativity and musicality make her a favorite among top producers like Philgotanother1 and 6lement producer crew.

5an has made a lot of growth as an artist, not just mastering her craft but also the business side of music. Networking and handling her business in a professional matter.

5an makes music for anyone to bump to, whether it's a raging party or you're on a sad hour car ride. There's no denying 5an has the talent and skills to please the ear of every listener around the world.

Check out more of 5an here!

Sample God

We've featured Sample God previously on our Instagram page. After listening to his latest track "PLAYA" we checked out his discography and absolutely fell in love with it.

Sample God is a well-rounded artist. He's an artist, a producer, and a songwriter.

He is involved in every aspect of the music-making process and has a great ear that allows him to make some amazing tracks.

Sample God has a very well-rounded and versatile discography as well. From alternative to rap and pop, Sample God is really just a gem waiting to be discovered.

Aside from being a great artist, Sample God is not a stranger to a million streams. He's proven he's got what it takes to deliver the world some great music.

Check out Sample God's discography here!


Sojabrat has to be one of the most misunderstood artists in the underground right now, but y'all missing out, so you better place your bets now while everyone is distracted!

Sojabrat is one of the most unique female artists in the underground and as music evolves she has adapted her own sound.

Her signature sound makes her one of the most hated female artists currently in the underground. Her sound also makes her one of the most misunderstood artists as well.

Sojabrat has built her own genre of Trap music, not much different than Autumn! or Yeat. The only difference is that she's a female and just like Skodi, once a female starts creating their own sound and popping off, everyone starts hating.

Luckly, Sojabrat has been shutting the haters down and dropping some amazing and super addicting tracks. She also recently showcased her beautiful vocals in her latest track "Piece of Me".

Sojabrat is doing her own thing and threatening the underground with her signature sound. Who wouldn't want to place some bets to watch a girl drag the whole industry across the floor!

Check out Sojabrat's distinctive sound here.


The triple-threat trio of Southside Florida, CXNSTVNT, Coolboi Fresh, and Shogee2k are a trio of immense power when comes to trap and rage music!

Individually each artist of South Strip possesses great power. With songwriting, production, and engineering skills there's no doubt this trio is more than ready to take over the trap genre.

South Strip's discography is one the rawest in the underground. Each artist has their own signature sound and they really know how to put the energy into every track. There isn't a single track of theirs that doesn't go dummy hard.

They are the only Alternative Trap artists on the list and possibly the most dangerous on the list when it comes to musicality, talent, and experience.

Overlooking this group could cost you!

Check out South Strip's discography here.

Keezus Picasso

Keezus Picasso has recently become one of our favorite artists and for good reasons. There's no way in hell we wouldn't place some bets on him!

Keezus Picasso has been compared to TyFontaine a lot every time we share his music with others, but there's a huge difference in both artists. Though we will admit their vocals sound similar they cannot be compared to one another.

Keezus Picasso is a "heart on my sleeve" type of artist and his music makes you feel understood.

Keezus Picasso is a well-rounded artist with melodic musicality that cannot be compared to any other artist. To say the least, Keezus understands the assignment with every track. His lyrics and energy perfectly blend into every track with no awkward spaces or questionable add-ons.

Keezus Picasso is of the many artists on this list who are masters at delivering quality content. Keezus Picasso drops great visuals and amazing tracks with full genuine emotions that are just hard to replicate.

With that being said, there's no way in hell we wouldn't place any bets on this young and talented artist!

check out Keezus Picasso's discography here.

Mango The Only

Last but not least, the "weirdo" of industry Mr. Mango The Only.

Mango The Only is one of the few artists we love to keep to ourselves. A hidden gem we listen to on our own time that the world is definitely missing out on.

Mango The Only is a great alternative artist for the misfits of the world. If you're someone who doesn't go out and rages or parties like the rest of the world then Mango is definitely for you. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have some rage tracks up his sleeve.

With great quality tracks and a personality, you can't help but be drawn to Mango The Only. He has a versatile style and although he makes a lot of alternative tracks, Mango can rap like no other and rage like the rest of the artists on this list.

We can't figure out a way to convince you why Mango The Only deserves to be on this list so we'll just let his music do the talking.

Click here to be convinced!

What do you think of the list? Who are you placing your bets on?

Let us know here.


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