Trent: "Smoke & Mirrors" EP Review + Interview

The young and talented Maryland artist, Trent, drops a new 4 track EP titled "Smoked & Mirrors" and reflects on his growth as an artist!

The self-taught triple threat released his "Smoke & Mirrors" Ep back in April of this year. A few months after he reflects on what the project means to him.

"I enjoy this tape because of the growth I’ve noticed in my sound as an artist and engineer. If you go back and listen to my first tape “Who Would’ve Thought” and then listen to the new one, you’ll feel where I’m coming from."

Since the release of his "Smoke & Mirrors" Ep, Trent has one new single and music video for his track "Come With That". Really showing off his growth and improvement in the field.

Trent has a unique style that's very distinctive from other Maryland artists. He doesn't stick to the typical Maryland style and isn't scared to experiment.

Trent also shared a bit behind the theme and inspiration behind his "Smoke & Mirrors" Ep.

"The meaning behind “Smoke & Mirrors” is that nothing is what it seems. The songs on the tape really expand on the feeling of realization, self-doubt, and perseverance."

Tracks like "Hate To Lose" and "G.O.T.W" really summarize the motivation behind the EP.

Overall, we really appreciate Trent's "Smoke & Mirror" Ep. Besides, it has some good quality tracks, we really appreciate an artist who reflects on their work and stays humble.

Trent's "Smoke & Mirrors" Ep is available on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out here and let us know what you think!


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