Get To Know: Trustinrxcklii

Cincinnati rapper Trustinrxcklii, recently dropped a new track titled “RED DEAD.”

But who is Trustinrxcklii?

Born as Khalil Freeman, the 21 year old artist has been making music for about 5 years now. Although, it is unknown exactly what year he started out, his music footprint only dates back to 2 years ago.

Him and his sister, StarChildKayla, started making music together with their track “SAFE,” seemingly being their first public track together.

Trustinrxcklii has had a few names prior to his current. Starting of as Rxckless Khalifa, then Reckly Khalifa, to finally sticking to Trustinrxcklii focusing on the trust - in part and maintaining a version of “reckless.”

While learning more about Trustinrxcklii we learned more personal things about him such as his favorite part of the music process:

“My favorite part about making music is that what i felt and put into a song can have someone tap in to that raw emotion and make their own interpretations and meanings to place into their situations.”

We also learned more about his “RED DEAD” track.

“READ DEAD” was produced by StarChildKayla and is meant to showcase Trustinrxcklii’s rager side.

Trustinrxcklii is currently in his second year of making his debut tape, although a release date is yet to be announced. For now, stick around for its announcement and check out our recommended tracks down below.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. “RED DEAD”

  2. “BEN HUR”

  3. “SAFE” (Ft. StarChildKayla)


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