Twealvy: “Seraphic” Album

Twealvy is back with a new project titled “Seraphic.” Literally meaning “like an angel,” but the tracks in the project rarely resemble as such.

The Florida rapper linked up with producers Mike Frost, Fifty Grand, and even Kankan, packing the project with seven tracks. With each track seamlessly flowing onto the next and going harder than the last.

His “Seraphic” project includes hard-hitting tracks like “Glide” and "WYA," but also includes tracks like “Moonlight” that gives an inside look into Twealvy’s melodic and romantic side.

"Seraphic” as a whole is one of the best projects Twealvy has put out to date. From the project title to the tracks and beat choices, this project is definitely a top tier project. With “Moonlight” being one of our favorite tracks.

We can’t wait to see what comes next. Hopefully, we get some Autumn! features or maybe even GT Freeco, but we’ll have to wait around and see.

Stream Twealvy latest project “Seraphic” down below!


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