!UNDER 18!

SoundCloud has opened a lot of opportunities for young artists. With so much underrated young talent, here are our favorite under 18 artists:

1. Osmkapo (@osmkapo)

This young 16 year old artist makes some of the best melodic raps.

With tracks like ”Vacant,” “Hard To Move On,” and “Let Me Know” Osmkapo has gotten a lot of attention from the “Sad Boy” community.

However, Osmkapo, has really displayed his talent and versitality with tracks like “Ready!” featuring Surge.

We hope to see this young artist get the recognition he deserves very soon.

2. KillBunk (@killbunk)

If you don’t know KillBunk then you must be sleeping under a rock.

The young 16 year old has been dominating the underground community for some time now. With his tracks “Battler Scar” and "Don’t Play With Fire!" collective earning over 5 million streams in the last couple of months.

KillBunk is definitely on the rise and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

3. Yung Fazo (@yungfazoo)

15 year old, Yung Fazo, is debatably one of the versatile artists out in the underground and he proved it in his latest EP “Unfazed.”

The beat versatility is on point with tracks like “Cold Heart” and “Shuffle.” His flows also switchs up never losing that Yung Fazo flavor.

We hope to see him doing some big things soon.

4. Kid Moon (@kidmoon)

Last but not least, 15 year old Kid Moon, is one hell of an artist. He can do it all.

With trap tracks like “MURKEDFREESTYLE!” to soft melodic guitar tracks like “There For You” this young artist is soon to be on the rise.

He has also collaborate with KillBunk on a track titled “CAN’T FIND” from his latest album ”Amends”.

Theres nothing this kid can‘t do and we just can’t wait to see what big things are coming for him!


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