Up Next!: EyeKeem

EyeKeem from Los Angeles, California has been racking up streams since 2016. With over 20 million on collective platforms streams, we can’t deny that he is definitely Up Next!

Style, flow, and a unique sound come easy to EyeKeem. His craft has a nice vibe that is hard to replicate. Although many might argue, many artists can’t and won’t be able to duplicate EyeKeem’s mellow sound and Hypnotic style. His latest album “Uploading...” is undoubtedly showing his talent and Flexibility as an artist.

Maintaining a rockstar mindset, EyeKeem has been dropping hits and even creating some of his own dance moves. Fashion sense is something he doesn’t lack either so, there no Ws to loss betting on EyeKeem. It’s all in for the rest of the year for this young artist. We hope to see him top charts by the end of this year or beginning of next year.

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