UP NEXT!: Moe Young

If you've never heard of Moe Young then you're missing out. Moe Young has recently grabbed the attention of the internet, specially on twitter, with his post captioned "Before I catch this flight to California."

With so much talent and passion he brings to his music, Moe, is definitely on the rise.

Earlier this year, he grabbed the attention of Internet Money Records CEO, Taz taylor, and quickly became an artist to be on the lookout for. He then started working with the talented Internet Money producers, Nick Mira and Repko.

Moe has since put out tracks like "Valet", "Options", and his latest single "Came Up."

With a nice team of talented individuals and some many supporters helping him build a good fanbase, Moe Young, is most definitely Up Next!


5an's new album "THANK YOU 5AN" is out now!