Up Next!: Tuxx

Arizona is currently proving itself a gem for hidden talent and 19 year old, Tuxx, is the only gem it needs to be put on the map.

With immense talent and versatility, Tuxx, is an artist who has been on the rise and now more than ever is definitely up next. From an alternative rap style to a more soft and melodic style, Tuxx, has completely evolve his sound and grown as an artist.

Starting out just having fun, making music, and hanging out with his friends in the backyard, Tuxx, collectively racked up over a million streams. Now, he is doing bigger things such as working with the internet money team and racking up over half a million streams in just one week.

The best thing about Tuxx is that you can just tell he loves to make music and seems to have a lot of fun making it. From the initial music process to homemade music video, the quality he puts out is amazing. It never disappoints.

Keep up with Tuxx via twitter or instagram @1tuxx and stream his latest track down below.

Also, check out one of our recommended tracks down below.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Old me"

  2. "Wait!" (ft. Danny Orange)

  3. "Toxic"


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