UP NEXT!: Yung Trench

Trenton Nathaniel Taft, better Known as Yung Trench is a 20 year old artist from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

His music has collectively racked up over 1 million stream on SoundCloud and has over 40k monthly listeners on Spotify. His most popular songs “YOU” And “Please” have racked up more than 200k streams each and has recently released a new single called “Honey.”

He is not only very talented and hardworking, but his music has a different sound. He has his own unique sound where you can hear one of his songs and say ”Hey! Is that Yung Trench?”

He is a very versatile artists with a lot of variety in his craft. He has worked with Internet Money‘s producer sensation Nick Mira and you can just tell this young artist is UP NEXT!

Recommended Songs:

1. "Honey"

2. "You"

3. "Cold Hearted"

Click here for his SoundCloud.


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