17-year-old Rio Bantell, AKA CTO Chop is taking over the rage rap genre like no other and it's only a matter of time before he blows!

The young artist is on his way to making history as one of the few Asian-American artists in the music industry and so far, the only Asian-American in the trap/rage genre making it big. Setting an example for the Asian community.

At such a young age, CTO Chop has collaborated with big names in the underground such as EGOVERT, Wavehi, and more. He has also established his own collective CTO (Complete Takeover) and co-signed his first artist CTO Band$.

Earlier this year, CTO Chop dropped his debut album "LIFE OF CTO" showcasing his talent as a trap/rage rapper. The album is packed with 11 tracks and features artists like ZEDSU, Wavehi, KIDx, and more.

We got the chance to link with CTO Chop to learn more about his debut album and his music journey so far.

"I started rapping in 2018 but I didn’t take it seriously until September of 2019. That’s when I made my group, CTO (Complete Takeover)"

He continued...

"For "life of cto", the whole album was meant to be a punch in the face to all the doubters that I had at the time. It was a collection of the best songs I could make. I really wanted the project to show people that I am a legit artist."

"The cover art shows me in a glass box with sunshine and flowers (signifying me being happy with rapping and doing my own thing, my way).. outside the box is darkness, monsters, and storms (signifying the haters and doubters who want me to fail, and don’t like what I’m doing"

CTO Chop has been grinding and quickly making headway in the industry. For such a short time and such a young age, it's really impressive what CTO Chop has accomplished so far.

One of the things we love the most from, CTO Chop is that he's different from a lot of the rage rappers out right now. Although the genre is aggressive and vulgar, CTO really tries to be mindful and respectful while going extremely hard in every single one of his tracks. He keeps it legit and goes full rage mode every chance he gets.

With all the achievements CTO CHOP has made in such a short time along with his banger tracks, there is no denying that he is UP NEXT!

Check out CTO CHOP's debut album "LIFE OF CTO" here and stick around for more music!


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