Valentine: "LIL BABY" Review

Arizona got talent on top of talent and one artist that must not be left out is Flag's Valentine!

Valentine from Flagstaff, Arizona is the only one doing it like he does in his town.

His track "LIL BABY" is the perfect example of just how talented this young artist is.

Valentine always goes hard in his tracks and gets straight to the point, yet "LIL BABY" is more aggressive, pain and anger driven.

"I wanted to take a such an aggressive feeling from the way I had to live my life & channel it into a sound...This shows a specific side of me, a more aggressive, in your face style."

The hardworking father of 3 dives deep into his background and gives us a better look into his struggles and the way he grinds.

Valentine and his Icon Generation team didn't just drop a great track, but they also dropped a cinematic music video directed by James Abers.

Valentine has only been in the game for 2 years and as a full-time father and provider, it's hard to imagine how he even makes time to make music and drop such quality content.

The thing that stands out the most from this track is the lyricism with notable lines like...

"You're the one to want the fame but not trust the process..."


"You ain't got much swagger if you out here trynna mumble rap... ain't no effort in your lyrics boy and I can tell it's cap..."

Taking jabs at the game and the ones making music for the wrong reasons.

Valentine has only dropped 5 official tracks on all streaming platforms since he began to pursue music, but he has never dropped anything mediocre.

His latest track "MY LETTER2U" along with his previous tracks have all shown his talent and versatility.

Valentine's "LIL BABY" is just a hard track and Arizona is just sleeping on a great artist.

Make sure to check out "LIL BABY" here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "LIL BABY"

  2. "MY LETTER2U"

  3. "I Know"


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