Ver$cotti: "Almost.There" New Ep

LA artist-producer, Ver$cotti recruits TrapGoKrazy and DOT for his new project "Almost.There"!

The young artist started making beats on FL studios in 2017 and in 2019 started taking his career more seriously, consistently dropping tracks.

"Almost.There" is a 5 track EP of pure rage beats with Ver$cotti showing off his diversity in the genre. Mixing rage and hyperpop along with other genres.

The track "2 Real" featuring TrapGoKrazy has to be one of our favorites 'cus we too "miss the rage."

Ver$cotti shared with us that the "Almost.There" EP is the introduction to his upcoming debut album "Twisted Metal."

"This EP will be leading towards my debut album Twisted Metal. That’s where the real rage starts!"

Ver$cotti is known for his hyperpop rage vibes and "Almost.There" is a great introduction to his discography. That's not to say he can't experiment with other genres because he's proven that before in some previous tracks. Rage is just what Ver$cotti does best!

Makes sure to stick around for his upcoming debut album and check out Ver$cotti's new "Almost.There" EP here!


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