Ver$cotti: "Hellraiser" Track Review

LA-based artist Ver$cotti has dropped some great tracks since his start and "Hellraiser" is just one of them!

The trap track has a GTA type of vibe. It's a basic track with a lot of energy and sometimes that's all you need to just vibe.

One of my favorite things about Ver$cotti's "Hellraiser" track is the background sound effects. Just straight bullets shooting. Makes me wanna play GTA and just go causing hell.

Ver$cotti started making music in 2017 and since then has proven he can be a very versatile artist.

"I began recording in late 2017. I was heavily influenced by the SoundCloud scene at the time so I would record in my closet. I had done it just for fun I eventually stopped and began taking it at a serious level in 2019."

He's come a long way and improved a lot. A lot of his more recent tracks really showcase his potential and "Hellraiser" is just one of them.

It may seem like such a simple track, but there was a reason for that.

"The track was recorded at a professional studio session in Los Angeles. Being stuck at the time I just wanted to let out all my energy in the booth. The beat is heavily inspired by Pierre Bourne. The sound on this track is very catchy and aggressive, which is what I was going for."

You definitely feel the energy and the aggression throughout the track.

"Hellraiser" is just a catchy rage track anyone can vibe to.

Make sure you check it out down below or check out one of our recommended tracks!

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  2. "Uptown"

  3. "Born From Pain"


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