VIBEZ: Weekly Favorites

With new music Friday every week there is always new music to get addicted to, but we also keep older releases on repeat as well. Here are our top favorites this week!

  1. Polo G - "Be Something" (ft. Lil Baby)

Polo G and Lil Baby are two very motivational rappers and this track is a gem when it comes to motivation. It's always on repeat because we are all going to keep grinding 'till we are where we wanna be.

"Told 'em I was gonna be somethin'

That broke shit made me sick, big appetite with a weak stomach

Ain't had nowhere to go, n**ga, I was lost in them streets runnin'

And I hit Rodeo just to get stylish, ran through three hundred

Just happy I did it, n**ga, nobody ever gave me nothin'"

2. Kill Jasper - "Changed Up" (ft. Amura Cloud)

We stumbled upon Kill Jasper on SounCloud and have been addicted to his music ever since, specially this track, it just has nice mellow vibe that, but still lets you know who the not to f*ck with.

"Fourty on me, hope the gun don't jam,

gettin' money, I just want more bands

this n**gas hatin', I just don't understand"

3. Lil Durk - "3 Headed Goat" (ft. Lil Baby & Polo G)

Lil Durk, Polo G, and Lil Baby really went off on this track. Every part of this track goes so f*cking hard.


"These ain't no Guess jeans

I dropped out of school, I'm still good at math, but, n**ga, don't test me"

"He say I'm hard and he say I'm garbage, I'm rich regardless"

4. Taylr Woods - "Play Me"

Taylr Woods always makes those type of songs that make you want to flex on you' ex. First "Selfish" and "Play Me." So when we heard this track, we were all over it.

"Girl, how could you play me,

how could you treat me so shady,

Girl, I thought you was my baby

I'm going crazy,

Damn we would talk on the daily,

Never thought you would betray me"

5. Future - "Trillionaire" (ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again)

Future delivered with his "High Off Life" album and this collab with YoungBoy is just perfect. With YoungBoy's aggressive style and hard bar, Future set this track up to be great.

There reason we choose this track out of all the others is because it felt the most honest. It is also just another motivational track.

"Out the jungle, I conquered and made it,

It still don't feel like I'm famous"

"I'ma be the one they talk about

I'ma be the one they envy"

Let us know your current favorite tracks and stream our Vibez playlist here.


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