Visual 9: "On Bro" New Single

Ohio native, Visual 9, is one soulful artist!

With the underground taking ownership of the lofi-hyperpop-trap genres, it's nice often nice and refreshing to come across artists like Visual 9.

The well-rounded and versatile artist has proven to be capable of dominating any genre, but his specialty is the old-school funk and soul beats.

His new single "On Bro" is a perfect example of how refreshing his old-school retro vibe really is. With a blues vibe creating the atmosphere and Visual's lyrics setting the story of motivation and empowerment.

The old school sound wouldn't be complete without the perfect storytelling, the flow, and the energy to power the words being spoken. Visual 9 is truly a gem in the underground.

Along with the release of his new single, Visual 9 released the "On Bro" music video.

Keeping it old school with the simple shots and the editing. Just strolling through the hood laying down his message.

Visual 9 dropped both a quality track and video while remaining to stay true to his signature style.

Visual 9 never disappoints so make sure to check out his new single "On Bro" here or check out one of the recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "On Bro"

  2. "Red Flows"

  3. "Blue Skies"


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