Vixxle: “Yes Sir” Music Video

Massachusetts rapper-producer, Vixxle, recently dropped a new music video for his track “Yes Sir!”

The 28 year old artist uses provocative shots and angles to portray the tracks vibe:

“[It] represents going out, having fun, and finding someone to take home. It also represents being in a complicated relationship as a young adult in 2020. The meaning behind it is when you link with someone you like and the vibes click on all cylinders.”

Though 2020 wasn’t exactly like that for some of us, it is refreshing to see the visuals of what we’ve all been missing during quarantine... some god damn fun.

With Vixxle’s own mixing skills and the support of his director, Shamel, this talented artist has been making headway all year long and he’s definitely not stopping until he gets the success he’s been working towards.

Vixxle’s “Yes Sir” music video is out now. Make sure to stream it down below!


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