Vrss: “Dexters Lab” Ep

North Carolina rapper, Vrss, linked up with one of our favorite producers, Dexteryu, to drop a collab Ep titled “Dexters Lab.”

The 3 track Ep is one Vrss’s best work to date. With the track “Mood Right” featuring ITSTANR being one of the best tracks of it.

Vrss also linked up with Texas artist, Iayze, for the first track off the Ep titled “MVP.”

Overall, We are very impressed with the Ep’s entire vibe and production quality. Vrss has really stepped his game up and we couldn’t be happier about it.

The 21 year old artist started officially dropping music back in 2018 and with only two years in the game, it’s clear that every time he drops he just keeps coming back harder and harder.

But “Dexters Lab” can’t be praised without the work of producer Dexteryu!

Dexter has really outdone himself with this Ep. It is honestly one of the best vibes he’s put out and with Vrss flow and energy is just creates the perfect vibe.

“Dexters Lab” is available now on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out here or stream our favorite track down below!


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