Vrss: “Gnarly”

20 year old, North Carolina artist, Vrss, recently dropped a new track titled “Gnarly.”

With a fast paced flow & a completely different vibe than his previous work, Vrss, didn’t come here to be taken for granted.

Starting out his music career in May of 2018, Vrss, has been steadily progressing his craft and trying out new styles. “Gnarly” being one of them.

We linked with the underdog to what he had to say about his music and he shared:

“I’m still in the beginning stages so bear with me, because there will be ups and downs but i know I will overcome any b*lls**t that comes my way!”

Although “Gnarly” is a great track that displays Vrss’s experimental side, one single track could not possibly define his endless potential.

Vrss has other many other tracks on the way and plenty of good track currently out. So make sure you stick around and stream "Gnarly" down below.


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