Wavyisland: “Break Me Down” New Single + Interview!

North Carolina born-Texas resident Wavyisland isn’t a household name just yet but his creativity is sure to make him one!

Wavyisland recently release a new single titled “Break Me Down”, so we took the time to link up with him and learn a bit more about him and his music journey.

“I started making music around late 2017 with my friends from high school, we called ourselves 2V2. We eventually all separated as we graduated but me and one of my friends, who is my cousin, his rap name is Aaronjas, we continued to make music and we have multiple collabs together to this point.”

Just like many others, Wavyisland developed an attraction for making music at a young age. From then, he progressed and continued on to make music. Although Wavyisland's traceable content is hard to come across, his recent releases have been something to fully experience beyond just a first listen.

Just like his new single “Break Me Down”, Wavyisland makes music that goes beyond what the ear can comprehend. Though some may say it’s an acquired taste, it’s clear to us that Wavyisland is just on his way to making his own unique signature sound.

After fully digesting every aspect of his new single, Wavyisland shared with us the inspiration and progress of making the track.

“The track is inspired by this situation I had with this girl I met earlier this year. She was Columbian, I remember I went to hang out with her one day because she lived in the same apartment complex as me. She was a stripper, hence why I compared her to a “grinder” in the song. We were supposed to really “kick it” if you get what I’m saying but it was something about her that made me feel like I shouldn’t do it. Which is why I called the song “Break Me Down” because I felt broken, on the inside and out and I couldn’t see it through.”

At first, it seems like such an interesting and unique track but after hearing the story behind the track, the track develops more depth and substance.

Wavyisland continued on to share about the making of the track.

“Making the song I was really just hearing the beat first, then out of nowhere I just started singing “Columbiana, Columbiana”. Im sure I wasn’t really thinking about her specifically, but it’s just what came off the top at the time. Mind you this is probably a month after that situation happened with the girl, and I’m not the type of guy to get in my feelings about anybody. So I don’t know if it is really about her or not, but I ended up making it about her when I made the song.”

He continued...

“after I got the hook everything else was easy. The song even had a full second verse but I lost my notebook when I moved away from Greensboro, NC, the place I wrote the song and lived for three years. I ended up freestyling the second verse. But i made the song because it was just me expressing how I felt about the situation. It wasn’t meant to go much deeper than that, but once I recorded it I was like “nahh this shit is different”.”

Wavyisland’s new single “Break Me Down” really is something different, besides the abstract beat and loop choice… Wavyisland really say on this song, moved to a different state, and finished the story behind “Ms. Columbiana”.

Overall, “Break Me Down” is a super unique track. From the beat to the lyrics and even the inspiration behind it, there’s no doubt that Wavyisland is just a different kind of artist. He continues to think outside the box instead of following what everyone else is doing. We really admire that.

Wavyisland’s new single “Break Me Down” is out now on all streaming. Check it out here and let us know what you think!


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