Wavy Wave: WAVY AF

Honestly, Wavy Wave is wavy as f*ck.

The 19 years old Illinois artist is one of the most humble and versatile artist to pass through The Club.

Wavy Wave started making music in 2012 with help and influence from Hxllywood. After his first 10k track on SoundCloud, he decided to take music seriously and follow a new path he started to pave.

In recent years, Wavy Wave has started to grow as an artist and with the drop of his latest album “NightCrawler,” we linked up with him to learn more about him and his music journey.

When did you start making music?

"In 2012 I started writing my own lyrics influenced by my older brother. I dropped my first song with my brother “LLN Step” after I gained fans and saw how much people loved the music i was making, I took it serious”

What is your favorite part of the music process?

"I would say when I find where i’m going with the song and being in the studio actually creating it. Once I find the vibe it’s like, “okay i’m about to go stupid,” then I lay the hook and the verses after, I get this like feeling in my palms and that rush of excitement it’s irreplaceable.”

What inspired your latest project “NightCrawler”?

“Nightcrawler is a creature that stays up through the night getting into evil things. Avoiding sleep and things as such, also compared to a vampire. Like a vampire, I wasn’t getting sleep at night and i was just up isolating myself and just working on my music, that’s how i came up with the name, and all of the songs sound better at night.”

How does "NightCrawler” represent you as an artist? 

“With this project, I’ve improved on my flows, getting more personal with my choice of lyrics and just basically using my songs as a way to express myself.”

Is there anything else you’d like share about your or this project?

"I feel as though it’s only a scratch at what i’m capable of this is like a teaser of what i’m becoming as a artist. I made this project as a warning, i’m only getting better and that i’m coming for everything.”

With all that being said, Wavy Wave, really did prove he’s coming for the throne.

The 19 track "NightCrawler" album has a perfect mix of tracks to run through the night. With different vibes and relatable lyrics. In all honesty, the “NightCrawler" album has no skips Which is hard to believe with 19 tracks, but you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

Wavy Wave has only gotten started and acknowledges the work still to be done, but we recommended you keep an eye of out for this young and talented artist.

Check out Wavy Wave’s latest album “NightCrawler" on your favorite streaming platform or click one of our recommended tracks down below.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "Satans Lottery"

  2. "DemiGod"

  3. "Dairy"


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