Wicked Jake: "ROCK N ROLLER" - Music Video

Just off the side of the Detroit, Michigan in the mass city of Ypsi there's a rockstar in the making named Wicked Jake and he's recently released the music video for his track "ROCK N ROLLER"!

The young 19-year-old has been pursuing his passion for music since the age of 14. Ever since, he's been experimenting and perfecting his sound and we're very impressed with how far he's come.

His single "ROCK N ROLLER" is a head banging alternative trap track that straight up makes you wanna jump into a mosh pit.

Wicked Jake's unique raspy voice reals you into his realm of music and his carefree energy really makes stick around.

In his new "ROCK N ROLLER" music video, directed by Aaron Jefferis and edited by Dillon Gray, you really get a feel for Wicked Jake's carefree energy and get to see just what kind of rockstar he is.

Wicked Jake gave us a little background of how the music video came to be and it confirmed just what we thought all along.

"Making the video was pretty cool, took a lot of trial n error with figuring out exactly what i was trying to incorporate in it, but eventually my shorty suggested we should shoot at this abandoned building over in Detroit. I invited a couple of homies and we practically just f*cked around having fun in front of the camera lol. It definitely was dope."

He's just a carefree soul putting his feeling out into the world.

Good to see his homies fully support him and are in it for the long run.

Wicked Jake also shared with us about how the track itself came to and inspiration behind it.

"I was going through a difficult time, with a recent break up & mental issues. Wasn’t necessarily copping in the healthiest ways via; random flings, substance abuse n jus dwelling in my own bullshit. all within the life of a ROCK M ROLLER I guess.."

He continued..

"I initially was just flowing on a beat i found by this Ukrainian producer Nel1k. Instantly, I started flowing on it with all the built up tension I had from all the bs going on at the time. once i finished the song i showed it to a few people n they really liked it so at that point i figured i might as well get a video to it!"

Wicked Jake is set to drop a full length album titled “NU-WAVE” before the end of the year and "ROCK N ROLLER" is a just a little taste of what's to come.

Overall, the track is a 10/10 and the music video goes perfectly with track. Just careless souls, f*cking around and living their best lives.

Make sure to check out the Wicked Jake's new music video "ROCK N ROLLER" here and stick around for his upcoming album "NU-WAVE"!

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