Wlf.Jms: Latest Single "Mind of a youngin"!

Texas artist, Wlf.Jms drops a new single "Mind of a Youngin" featuring Mic.on.Mic!

After taking some time off to focus on his clothing line, Wlf.Jms returns dropping several new tracks including his latest track "Mind of a Youngin".

After struggling to release a new track due to sampling issues and copyrights, Wlf.jms linked up and talked about life eventually creating what's now "Mind of a Youngin".

"My boy Mic.on.Mic and I ended up using the same beat on a song that I couldn't release due to the fact that he had already put his song out and they had a similar sample and so I hit him up... we just ended up talking about a lot of things that we had in common as far as us both being Scorpios and the fact that you know just childhood and what we wanted as kids versus as we got older and realized just how life is and how you don't necessarily always get everything that you want and but you don't really understand that when you in the mind of a youngin.."

Wlf.jms and Mic.On.Mic put a really important lesson behind the track, which ultimately makes the track more relatable and impactful.

Wlf.jms also reflected and the track and shared how it represents him as a person and an artist...

"It represents me due to the fact that I was a kid who grew up in not poverty but I grew up in what you would consider the hood I grew up in the non-good areas of a alief and stuff like that so I understand the negative side of a lot of stuff but I also know that there's a better way to go about anything and everything..."

"Mind of a Youngin" has a nice background of how it came to be and overall the track is a great track with a message.

Make sure to check out Wlf.jms' newest single "Mind of a Youngin" here and stick around for more new music from dope artists!


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