X.U.L: "UNPLUGGED" - Album Review

Florida artists are always some of the best in the underground and X.U.L is just one of them!

The artist-producer recently dropped a new album titled "UNPLUGGED" and is currently working on "UNPLUGGED (Deluxe).

The eight-track album flows through so smoothly like one long yet interchangeable track. Displaying a lot of versatility in the process. It sorta makes you listen to the whole album in full without interruption, as it all flows so cohesively.

X.U.L has always been known for his melodic beats and chill vibes, "UNPLUGGED" is no different.

We got the chance to link up with X.U.L himself and learn more about the album and the inspiration behind it.

"I made the album UNPLUGGED all in one night while drinking some moonshine being sad, trying to drink all my problems away."

He continued...

"I wrote this album for people that are going or have gone thru the same emotions I was going thru. So they can find themselves related to it and dedicate the same emotions to someone who needs to hear how they feel."

X.U.L put a lot of emotions into this album and it shows in every single track. He definitely achieved what he set out to do, as a lot of the tracks are very relatable and show a different side to him.

X.U.L gives a full explanation and the story of how "UNPLUGGED" came to be in the "UNPLUGGED OUTRO" so make sure to listen to the whole album and wait till the end to really understand more about the album.

X.U.L's "UNPLUGGED" album is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here or check out one of our recommended tracks down below!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "TWICE"




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