XYVL: “My Love” Single Review + Interview

Atlanta’s XYVL drops his love single “My Love” earlier this year and we took a quick dive into the inspiration behind it!

XYVL started his music journey in 2017, eventually taking a break from it and starting back up this year. He’s known as a versatile artist who can do anything from hyper-pop to acoustic tracks.

His single “My Love” featuring KillaKay is currently, in our opinion, one of his best tracks. Though he has many great tracks, “My Love” really seems to have a special meaning behind it.

We briefly linked up with XYVL to find out just exactly what that meaning is.

“The girl I love more than anything inspired this song. She has stayed by my side as my muse and one of my closest friends I’ve ever had.”

Fully of love and inspiration, XYVL continued on to share more about how the track came to


“When I first heard the beat to the song, I found myself already in a sentimental state that left me reflecting on the love I have for her. I simply let my heart take the reins and guided my hand as I wrote out the lyrics to the song. The more ensconced I became with writing my feelings, the more in love I became with every second of this track.”

It’s very obvious love is truly what drives XYLV’s “My Love” track, but the story behind it is even sweeter than we could have imagined.

XYVL’s single “My Love” is out now on all streaming platforms. Make sure to check it out here and let us know what you think!

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