Younggovita: Australia Takeover

20 year old Australian artist, Younggovita, is on his way to takeover the world.

With a lot potential and his own vibe, Younggovita, is an artists to watch out for in the next few years.

Growing up with a very versatile music taste, he began to make music around the age of 17 making remixes and diss tracks with his friends. He later started to collaborate with other artists like V4Vanquish.

At the start of this year, Younggovita, partner up with the label/collective, “Quiet Convenient,” which is ran by his current manger Jacob Jackson. Since the partnership he has been taking his music career more serious.

Although, Younggovita, may not have an extensive online presence with his music, the few tracks he has released are proof enough of his endless potential. The thing that stands out the most about him is his vibe. You could really tell he just has so much fun making music.

We linked up with the young artist to ask him about his favorite part of the music process and shared:

“My favourite part of the music process would definitely have to be writing. Coming up with ideas and letting them flow is so inspirational and it motivates me even further. I really like sitting down and trying to write lyrics that are out of the box or just plain stupid. It makes it easier when you’re having fun.”

Really just proving how much fun, Younggovita, has making music.

We are excited to see how he grows as an artist and although most artist go through the process of finding their sound, it seems that maybe Younggovita’s sounds is just to have fun on a track.

His latest track “Uh Oh!” is a perfect example of that. From the playful dreamy beat to the flow and style, you could just tell he had a blast recording the track.

We asked him what the inspiration behind the track was and he replied:

“This song is about my relationship with my girlfriend and how unexpected it was. Now that I’m in it I know that I don’t want to mess this up because this is the one for me. Now that I’m in it I know that I don’t want to mess this up because this is the one for me. It really only took me 10 mins to make as I freestyle and punched in the whole song. I feel that the more real something is, the less effort is required to create it.”

He continued..

“[It’s] basically my personality put into a song, it means a lot to me but I feel like lots of people can relate to that feeling. This song [was] me experimenting with new styles and seeing what I’m capable of.”

It’s very apparent that, Younggovita, is taking a more serious approach to his music. Experimenting and always having fun.

Younggovita is set to drop a new track something soon and you don’t want to miss what this artist from the other side of the world has to offer.

Stream “Uh Oh!” down below and make sure to follow Younggovita on instagram!


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