Yoyo Bands: “FREEZER JUICE” (Ft. Devioustrip & Blkgbln)

Canadians always got the swagger when it comes making wavy tracks and Yoyo Bands isn’t any different!

Yoyo Bands' newest single “FREEZER JUICE” featuring Devioustrip and Blkgbln is one of the best tracks we’ve heard in a while. From style to creativity, the track bleeds uniqueness…. Something that’s really hard to find in the underground.

The trio are part of a collective of underground producers and artists called The Sinners Club. They work together and build together.

We briefly linked up with them to learn more about how the track came to be and the process behind it.

“We’ve been playing around with different sounds and everything just worked on this one. We knew Yoyo could lay down a nice hook and DEVIOUSTRIP came through with a nice flow. We really wanted to think outside the box for this one.”

Thinking outside the box really paid off. “FREEZER JUICE” is honestly the best track under Yoyo Bands’ and DEVIOUSTRIP’s discography. Producer Blkgbln came in clutch with the sickest bet as well.

“blkgbln sent a few beats to us, we told him we wanted something that sounds like it’s from a video game, from then the instrumental for FREEZER JUICE caught our ears and brought out the best from both of us, whenever we lock in the studio together we always leave with some crazy ideas, flows and punchlines, the beat was made for all of those, so we had to do it justice.”

No doubt that this pair really know the value of a good producer and their hard work.

Yoyo Bands, DEVIOUSTRIP, and Blkgbln are known to be super versatile and collaborative. Working with people all over the globe and established their individual artist-producer brands while coming together to create great tracks. It’s safe to say they’ll all worth placing some bets on and watching their growth over the next few years.

Yoyo Bands’ newest single “FREEZER JUICE” featuring DEVIOUSTRIP & Blkgbln is available now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here and let us know what you think!


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