Yunglilandy: New Single "Racks"

16-year-old Massachusetts artist Yunglilandy drops his first single of 2021!

Yunglilandy trakes it high pitch in his new track "Racks."

He usually mixes his pitch between his normal pitch and high pitch, but he brings out his "baby" voice like crazy in "Racks."

After listening to the track, We briefly linked up with Yunglilandy to get more background on it:

"What inspired the song was all my haters and doubters and recent events in my life. I wrote it because I want all my fans and all my supporters to know what I be doing and how I’m feeling. The meaning behind the song is that no matter what people think or say about me I’m still going to keep getting racks and keep having fun doing what I do."

He continues...

"I feel like the track represents me as an Artist because I talk about my love for money and my addiction to drugs. Also how I have fun doing things that normal 16 year old kids don’t do."

Considering Yunglilandy's popularity and his age, it's fair to say that he just be making music and having fun, and "Racks" is definitely a great representation of that.

Yunglilandy is set to drop a new Mixtape on his birthday, May 6th. So, till then make sure to check out his latest track "Racks' down below!


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