Yung $miley: Underrated

New York artist, Yung $miley, is really one of the most underrated artists in the Underground.

The young artist has been making music since his school days. With his track “93” featuring Nasty Nyj being his oldest public track on SoundCloud.

Although Yung $miley has some online music footprints dating back to 2018, it currently unknown to us how long he has been making music for. What we do know is that he is one talented artist.

From his latest track visuals “GTA” to his oldest SoundCloud track, Yung $miley, hasn’t missed on any of his tracks. Providing quality and style in every single track.

We linked up with Yung $miley to ask him about his inspirations and he replied:

“Dylvinci is a big influence to me I remember listening to his Music in 2016, he’s a big reason why I make music today fr & akimbo has always been lookin out ever since me and him met this year and his beats slap.”

Yung $miley really seems to just enjoy making music and we are all for it.

With his recent visual drop “GTA” featuring Yungwadds, we really recommend you keep a lookout for Yung $miley in the upcoming years.

Check out our recommended tracks down below and make sure to keep up with Yung $miley on Instagram!

Recommended Tracks:


  2. “Basic!”

  3. “Lately”


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