Z4hir: Debut Single "OMG" Featuring Colton Bell

17-year-old Z4hir is just stepping into the game, but he's already ready for more!

The young Bay Area resident started having an interest in music at the age of 9. He used to play around with garage band and later moved on to apple loops developing a passion for producing beats for his own use.

Z4hir has been officially dropping music and getting his name out there since the very start of this year and from what we've learned, he currently gearing up for his debut project, set to be released sometime this year.

But before he's ready to drop his debut project, Z4hir dropped a little to taste of what we can expect with his track "OMG" featuring Colton Bell.

When we linked up with him and asked him about his inspiration behind the track, he replied....

"My friend and fellow artist Mod3rn sent me the beat, and I immediately needed to use it. I felt like the upbeat feel of the song would make listeners feel good, while still being hard enough to bump it. I wrote the song to the beat, I wanted to write something that was as fun and upbeat as possible. once I put down my verse I sent it to my homie Colton Bell, who put down his chorus/verse that really made the song what it is."

Though the goal was only to create an upbeat track and create something out of the beat. Z4hir and Colton Bell managed to make something a little beyond that.

Many Bay Area artists stick to the norm of hard basses and typical west coast sounds, but Z4hir choose to go a different path with this track.

Though the track itself is up for interpretation and subjective to each person's preference in music, Z4hir has made it clear that he is not like any other young artist currently coming out of The Bay.

Z4hir participates and almost every aspect of the music-making process and on top of that, he stays very active with his band and solo work. He is multi-talented and knows how to play many different instruments including drums, guitar, and piano.

Many eyes will overlook this young artist, but he's not one to overlook for too long.

Z4hir is set to drop his debut project very soon and we can't wait to see what new flavors he and his team bring to the Bay.

For now, make sure to stream Z4hir's debut single "OMG" featuring Colton Bell and stick around for his complete debut release.


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