Zaeshaun Haze: “Impatient”

ZaeshaunHaze just dropped a new track visuals for his new song titled “Impatient.”

The 19 year old year old artist from Spokane, Washington, has been making music since a child. From Silly rhymes to mixtapes. He considers his love for music to just be in his blood and we don’t disagree.

Zaeshuan Haze later created his first mixtape and started the perform.

His new track, “Impatient,” has a nice quirky vibe with a sweet melodic beats. We asked Zaeshaun Haze what the inspiration for the track was and he replied:

“I think i was in my buddy harry’s room with a beat i had randomly gotten from producer K.Such, thinking about how scared i always am of the future but how i can't stop me from seizing the moment so plainly, "if you aint gon' take the leap little n***a leave that sh*t to me.”

Referring to the message for the track and it’s creation.

Seamlessly the message appear to be a self message to Zaeshaun Haze himself to “take the leap.” Hoping to inspire others with the same message.

Zaeshuan did a good job on this track and the visuals. Overall Zaeshaun Haze is a very talented artist. Easily flowing through any beat and genre of music.

“Impatient” is just one of his many wonderful tracks. So, many sure you check it out the video down below or check out one of our recommended tracks!

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