zay Brees: latest single "poster"!

Zay Brees gets experimental in his latest single "Poster (I'm Alive)" featuring CADAO and Blxrry!

The new single mixes various sounds together to make a sort of cyber-trap track creating something you have never seen from Zay Brees before.

Zay Brees has been making music since 2017 and over the years he's been creating his own sound. Mixing many different genres together to fulfill his mission. Now, with his latest single "Poster (Alive)" he's closer to his goal.

We got the chance to link up with Zay Brees and learn a bit more about his music journey and his latest single "Poster (I'm Alive)".

"I been on a cyber binge and I’ve been listening to a lot of punk rock in the last year, from black flag to Sex Pistols I’ve been trying to modernize old flows and vibes, and craft them into my own version, cyberpunk 2077 the video game inspired this too even though the game was weak, and I’ve been all the way invested into the hyper pop/ cybergrunge wave and that’s fit my new sound pretty well."

He continued...

"This song is a great example of the sound of my next project, I'm starting to grow out of trap beats and I'm beginning to mix different genres together and I'm having fun again I feel alive once more."

It seems like Zay Brees has been on a journey to find his sound and he has now reached his final destination.

"Poster (I'm Alive)" is a refreshing new sound to hear from Zay Brees and collaborating with CADAO and Blxrry really shows a new side to his music. We can't wait to see what his next project sounds like.

For now, Zay Brees' "Poster (I'm Alive)" is available on all streaming platforms. Check it out here!


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