Zivve: “INSOMNIA” New Ep!

Norway rising star Zivve releases a new 6 track project titled “INSOMNIA”!

Previously known as Ivan Lorenzo, Zivve takes on the new name like a true pop star. Creating quality content and staying true to his original sound.

The talented 18-year-old started making music in 2019 and quickly has become an artist to keep your eyes on. With his first debut project “Purple Rain” racking up over 500K streams on Spotify alone.

Now, Zivve has come back better than before with his second mini-album titled “INSOMNIA”.

Right from the start, the project is one fine piece of work. Super cohesive with great sound quality and versatility. Zivve included something for everyone, from pop to emo rage. “INSOMNIA" is one of the best projects out this year.

With the pleasant surprise of the album, we quickly linked up with Zivve to learn more about his inspiration for the album and the process behind it.

“My entire life I've had terrible sleeping habits that aren't helped by different struggles I face mentally. It's come to a point where when I finally feel like I've fixed my issues I only find myself facing more, which adds on more to my exhaustion. I've never given in to my mental struggles despite my tired mind and this EP acts as an ode to the feelings which dance inside my head every night. This EP brings both beautiful and ugly memories of my life from the past year. I hope some can relate to it and feel welcomed by my lyrics and vocals.”

Zivve’s struggle with insomnia is something many can relate to. His struggles seem very apparent in the first track “INSOMNIA” featuring NERONOIL and Mulizsn.

He speaks on a pain that he’s ultimately tired of and wishes would just end. Something I’m sure we can all relate to.

Zivve further shared the process behind the project and its timeline.

“The Project was initially meant to drop in July and was supposed to sound really different from how it sounds now. I kept making songs, going back and fourth to the studio, making plans, art and beats with friends who has helped me with the project. Eventually I figured that I was way past the songs that was initially gonna be on the project. I pretty much stripped the whole EP and only kept a few songs, then went to recording and found an old song I had recorded last year "run away" I thought to myself this was the perfect opportunity for me to do something different.”

He continued….

“Once the first part of the song was completed I called my friend Kori, who's an amazing producer. I wanted the beat to switch up and for there to be something way faster going on, kind of a surprise. After revisiting the beat a few times and making adjustments we finally had a alternative rock song with some heavy "rock/punk" vibes at the end of it. Really loved how this project turned out. And Im sure there's something here for everyone.”

Zivve and his team did an exceptional job with this whole project. Including something for everyone and trying new things. It’s personally one of my favorite albums and in my opinion, has no skips whatsoever.

Zivve’s new EP “INSOMNIA” is out now on all streaming platforms. Check it out here or click one of our recommended tracks down below. You won’t be disappointed!

Recommended Tracks:

  1. "PSYCHO"

  2. "UP!"



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