ZVK0KYZ: “Deceive” New Single!

Maryland artist ZVKOKYZ drops a brand new single titled “Deceive”!

The young and talented 19-year-old has been making music for some time now. Ever since 2016, ZVKOKYZ has dabbling in the field of music. He’s been producing beats and making track inspired by some of his favorite artists.

“grew up loving it. Grew up listening to people like Michael Jackson, Big L and Three 6 Mafia. As I got older I got influenced by the South Florida Underground Scene with artists like Denzel Curry, XXXTENTACION, $ki Mask The Slump God and Fukkit.”

Most of ZVKOKYZ’s previous releases have been very aggressive trap tracks, but with the release of his new “Deceive” single we linked up with to learn about what made this track single.

“[I] Wrote it in 2019 but had no beats for the lyrics so i ended up producing the track myself”

He continued…

“I wanted to show more of my diversity with harmony and singing and I always wanted to mix my rapping and singing together in a song when I finished making the song I gave more than expected during the recording process”

ZVKOKYZ really did go above in beyond with his To-Do List. He mixed singing and rapping, as well as showcasing his versatility. He even created a dope and very unique single. Exceeding anyones expectations.

Overall the track is great. It’s got ZVKOKYZ signature style and flow, while being a very unique track. The chorus is super catchy and the lyrics are straight hard bars in each verse. We could be more impressed with this young artist and we can’t wait to hear more from him in the New Year.

ZVKOKYZ’s new single “Deceive” is out now, exclusively on SoundCloud. Check it out here and let us know what you think down in the comments!


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